Never Annoyed

I recently heard someone say that the Bible is anti-emotions, and I know this is the opinion is shared by many people. It is old, dry, and holier-than-thou, and so is the God associated with it. Unfortunately, some people think being a Christian means stuffing down any shred of passion and emotion that we have.

When we open the pages, however, we see a very different story. God experiences a wide range of intense emotions. After all, where do you think we get them from? We were made in His image! In fact, God probably experiences emotions more purely and intensely than anyone else. Rarely, if ever, is He indifferent or dispassionate. Just a few examples:

God delighted in rescuing King David from those who were trying to kill him (2 Sam. 22:20).

He experiences anguish over Israel’s betrayal and sin against Him: “How can I give you up, Ephraim? How can I hand you over, Israel? ….My heart churns within Me; My sympathy is stirred.” (Hosea 11:8)

When Jesus saw a great multitude, He was “moved with compassion for them, because they were like sheep not having a shepherd.” (Mark 6:34)

When His friend Lazarus died, He wept openly with grief, even though He knew that He was about to bring him back to life. (John 11:35)

He went into a rage when He saw money changers making God’s house of worship a place of business (Matt. 21:12).

The other day, it occurred to me that although the Bible does ascribe a wide range of emotions to God, annoyance isn’t one of them. This revelation shocked me, as annoyance is probably one of the most frequent emotions I experience on a day-to-day basis. Annoyance that someone is clicking their pen, or talking too much, or biting their nails, or doing something differently than I would do it. It is obsession with the trivial, something God never wastes His time or energy on. He doesn’t get annoyed, because He has more important things on His mind. He is angry, oh yes, far more angry than we imagine over sin, grieved over suffering, and overjoyed when a single solitary sinner turns to Him after messing up for the millionth time.

This means we don’t annoy Him. No matter how many times a day we come to Him crying or how many prayer requests we have. He welcomes us with open arms and listens to our prayers, no matter how long they take or how stumbling they are. No matter what time of night or day we approach Him, He is always there, always listening, always ready to feel with us and be there for us. So what are we waiting for? We can approach the throne with boldness. We are never an annoyance to our Heavenly Father.