Day 2: Peter After the Resurrection

Yesterday we saw many of the ways Peter fell short as a disciple, even though he was one of Jesus’ closest companions.  Today, we are going to see how encountering the resurrected Christ completely changed Peter’s life.  Check out these passages and contrast them with yesterday’s:

John 21:1-19

Acts 1-4

How has Peter changed and why?  What words would you use to describe him now?  How has knowing Christ transformed and redeemed your life?


2 thoughts on “Day 2: Peter After the Resurrection

  1. Never read the “before” & “after” Peter stories side by side before! Really shows the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.
    Thanks, Sarah!

    • Yeah! I think it is really important to prepare us for understanding his letter. When he talks about being “begotten again to a living hope” (1 Peter 1:3) he isn’t just talking in theological abstractions… it is something he has personally experienced!

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