Day 4: Overall Context, continued

Today, please finish up reading through 1 Peter with chapters 4 and 5.  Now that you’ve read through the whole book, what themes did you identify?

 {stop and do it before you read further!}

Here are some that I see:

  • The contrast between present circumstances and what is to come
  • Corruptible vs. incorruptible
  • Conduct that glorifies God in persecution
  • Submission
  • Called to suffer now but our hope is in glory later

I would like to thank my friend, Nancy, for pointing out one I had missed:  God’s foreknowledge/ election of believers (see her comment from yesterday for references).  This goes to show how much we need each other when it comes to studying Scripture.  Help me out–what other themes do you see in 1 Peter?


4 thoughts on “Day 4: Overall Context, continued

  1. I see a clear call to be holy and to love more deeply. I see Peter encouraging us reveal our transformation by the way we live daily, in all circumstances, and especially in the way we love one another! This outrageous love, shown over & over, is indeed transforming the world! Hope for it!

  2. I agree with Ramona about Peter’s message about how we should work, speak to others, love and live our daily lives.

    I also saw the theme of suffering. Peter reminds us that we will suffer (and that we should choose to suffer for doing good rather than evil) and that non-Christians will think us “strange.”

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