Week 2: 1 Peter 1

Last week we worked on getting the big-picture context of 1 Peter.  This week, we’ll dig into 1 Peter 1 to mine riches more precious than gold and silver.  Here’s what’s coming up (each step will be explained in more detail as we go):

  • Monday:  Re-read Ch. 1 & ask questions about the text
  • Tuesday:  Underline and define key words
  • Wednesday:  Look up cross references
  • Thursday:  Attempt to answer initial questions, using additional resources if necessary
  • Friday:  Write a summary of chapter 1 & how it applies to you

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind as we progress through the week:

  • Remember that our minds are finite and prone to error.  Before studying, pray that God would help you understand His Word.
  • Make it stick by choosing a verse or verses to memorize.
  • If you are finding hope in Christ, share it with someone else.  Don’t keep it to yourself!

And as always, remember to leave at least one substantive comment during the week if you would like to be eligible to win a Chick-fil-a gift card!



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