Day 6

Now that we have the “big picture” of 1 Peter, let’s get deeper into the details!  Today is fairly easy.  Just re-read 1 Peter chapter 1.  If you have time, read it 2 or 3 times.  Write down any questions you have about the text.  Here are some ways to question the text:

  • What does __________ mean?
  • How does ___________________ work?
  • What did Peter mean by saying ______________________?

Throughout the rest of the week, we will search for answers to our questions. My own questions are posted in the comments section below.  What questions do you have about chapter 1?


3 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. In 1 Peter 1:11, was Peter saying that the Old Testament prophets had the Holy Spirit? I am of the understanding that the Holy Spirit came and went at different times during the old testament period. This is a newer concept to me, since we usually think of the Holy Spirit only coming at Pentecost as seen in Acts 2. I am thinking we see this concept here again as Peter mentions that the prophets used the Holy Spirit to “search and inquire carefully” and that this was for us!

  2. Questions by verse:
    v.2 Why does it say “sprinkled by his blood” as opposed to “washed”?
    v.5 What are the believers shielded from with God’s power? What is the “salvation to be revealed in the last time”?
    v.11 What does it mean that the prophets had the “Spirit of Christ” in them which is contrasted to the Holy Spirit that was in those that shared the gospel?
    v.13 What additional grace will be given when Christ is revealed?
    v.17 What work are we judged on? And how does Christ’s sacrifice play into this judgment?
    v.22 Why does it say we purified ourselves by obeying truth?

  3. These are great questions, ladies! I had some similar questions myself, as well as a few others:
    v. 4-What does it mean that our inheritance is “undefiled”?
    v. 5-How will salvation be revealed “in the last time”? (I thought we already had salvation!)
    v. 6-8-What does it look like to “rejoice with joy inexpressible” at the same time we are “grieved by various trials”?
    v. 22-What does it mean? Where is Peter going with this? (He seems to introduce “love” just out of the blue!)

    I think we will be able to find a lot of answers this week. On Wednesday, there are a couple verses I will point out to help clarify the role of the Holy Spirit in 1 Peter 1:10-12, since that was something that you both asked about!

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