Day 9

Ok, you have done a lot of work over the last two days.  Let’s see if you have anything to show for it!

Take a look back at the questions you asked on Monday.  Have you found the answers to your questions?  If so, record the answers.  Forcing yourself to write them down serves two purposes:

  1. Ensures you actually do understand the answer.
  2. Ingrains it in your memory–don’t let all your hard work go to waste!

If you still have some questions you can’t answer, try consulting some additional resources:

  • Ask a trusted fellow Christian for help
  • Study Bible notes
  • Consult a commentary-some are available online:
  • Listen to a sermon (click here for a list of sermons.  There are a lot, which means you can probably find one specific to the verse you have a question about).
  • Message given at 2013 Desiring God conference by John Piper on 1:13-21

2 thoughts on “Day 9

  1. I am using your method to prepare to teach Genesis 22 this Sunday, as a guest teacher. Its working really well! But I must admit, its taking up a lot of my time! I enjoyed reading all the cross references to 1Peter 1! Now gotta do all that for Genesis 22! God bless!



    • Aunt Mona, that is awesome! It does take a lot of time. I usually break it up over more days, like spend 2 days on key words, 2 days on cross-references, etc! I just made them one day in this study for the sake of having a neat, 6-week study. But anyway you do it, I’m glad it’s working! wish I could be there to hear the lesson on Gen. 22!

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