Week 4: 1 Peter 3

Last week, Peter gave some instructions on how to live life as God’s special people–chosen, set apart, and holy.  Specifically, he instructed his readers to submit to the government and to their masters.  Chapter 3 begins with Peter continuing this line of instruction, but extending it to the family:

“Wives, likewise, be submissive to your own husbands….” (3:1) and “Husbands, likewise, dwell with them with understanding….” (3:7).  The word “likewise” builds a bridge back to Chapter 2, so let’s be sure to review our notes from last week and remember them as we move forward.

In this day and age, “submission” in the context of marriage is very controversial and is often viewed negatively.  As promised in the first week, we will take a look at this subject in greater detail and invite friendly discussion on it.  The bulk of that discussion will take place on “Cross-Reference Wednesday” as we consider Peter’s instructions in the context of the book and Scripture as whole.  The rest of the week will follow the usual pattern:

  • Monday: Read 1 Peter 3 and record any questions you have
  • Tuesday: Underline and define key words
  • Wednesday: Cross-references and consider submission within marriage
  • Thursday: Try to answer questions and consult additional resources
  • Friday:  Write a summary and apply it to our lives

As always, remember to saturate your studies with prayer, hide His words in your heart, and let what you are learning flow outward to encourage others!




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