Week 5: 1 Peter 4

Once again, chapter 4 starts out with “therefore,” referring to Christ’s suffering.  Christ suffered for us (2:24 & 3:18), therefore, we should also be prepared to suffer in this life as we keep our eyes on the glory that is to come.  Hopefully, you are starting to get the point:

Terrible suffering and incredible hope are not mutually exclusive.

Peter will continue this theme in chapter 4 with more specific exhortations about what this means for believers.  We will continue to follow the same schedule this week:

  • Day 1:  Read 1 Peter 4 and write down questions about the text.
  • Day 2: Underline and define key words
  • Day 3:  Check cross-references
  • Day 4:  Answer our questions, using additional resources as necessary
  • Day 5:  Summarize and apply chapter 4 to our lives.



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