Biblical Inerrancy

Can we believe the Bible?

Visit Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry’s website for some great arguments and answers about biblical inerrancy.

Also, try the following links for more information:

The Chicago Statement for Biblical Inerrancy

5 Views on Biblical Inerrancy:

Al Mohler

Peter Enns

Michael Bird

Kevin VanHoozer

John Franke

Also see this series of posts I wrote about the reliability of the Bible:

For the Bible Tells Me So:

Part 1  Is “the Bible Tells Me So” a good reason for believing or doing anything?

Part 2  The three possible answers are No, Sometimes, and Yes.

Part 3  First Argument:  Manuscript Evidence

Part 4  Second Argument:  The Unity and Fulfilment of the Scriptures

Part 5  Third Argument:  The Uniqueness of the Message

Part 6  What will you decide?





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