BLB Tutorial

1.  Go to the Blue Letter Bible website at

2.  Type the chapter you are studying into the search box.  Leave the version as “KJV,” even if you are using a different translation.  Hit “search”

Screenshot (2)

3.  This will take you to Philippians chapter 1.  Click on the verse which contains the word you are looking up:

Screenshot (3)

4.  This will bring up a list of the words with a number beside them.  Click on the number:

Screenshot (4)

5.  This will give you all the definitions of the Greek or Hebrew word.  They may not all apply, but you can use context to figure out which definition is correct:

Screenshot (5)

6.  If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can also see where else this word is used throughout the Bible:

Screenshot (6)

Blue Letter Bible is also a wealth of other resources, including commentaries and sermons!  Look around and see what you can find!

For more information on dealing with original languages, see this article:  “3 Ways NOT to Use Greek in Bible Study,” by Justin Dillehay.


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